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Whips and Chains

I like to get a little kinky sometimes and this chain top was just the ticket today.  I had my golden vibrator out and was thinking about how nice it would be if someone tied my hands to the pole in my den.  I have a hook for it and everything.  After a little self love time, I had company show up and he helped me make my fantasy come true.  I put some teaser pics here on my blog, and I know you’ll love them.  The whole set went up at Veronika Zemanova if you want to go check out how sexy this photo set got.

All Wet

I love my new purple bathing suit, though there isn’t much fabric there.  That’s actually my favorite part, because I hate wearing too much clothing.  We got some new pictures of me in and out of my new suit out by the pool.  You’ll love watching me get all wet, even though I never get in the pool.  Ok, so only parts of my body are getting wet, but I think that’s even better.  Veronika Zemanova had all the naughty pictures, so go over there and let me know what you think of these new pictures.

Sweet Girl

Don’t I look so innocent in my white sweater and little skirt.  You’re right, I’ve never been sweet or innocent, but I love looking like I might just be a good girl.  I even have the panties with flowers on them.  It’s ok, they get taken off pretty quickly in this very sexy photo set.  I love finding new and fun ways to get off, and I certainly raise the bar for hotness here.  To see the rest of the photos and find out how good they really are, just go to Veronika Zemanova.

Sweet and Cute

The sweet schoolgirl look is sometimes the most fun, and cute little yellow outfits and sneakers pull that off so well.  Not all sweet looking schoolgirls are as innocent as they look.  If you want to find out how naughty it can be, go to Veronika Zemanova and see.


I love dressing up in sexy outfits, and this fishnet shirt and lace up panties fit the bill just right.  Clothes like this make me feel like a seductive goddess.  Let me seduce you with the rest of these over at  Veronika Zemanova .